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This program works together with Mozillux themes [www.polinux.upv.es/mozilla] to give Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla a better integration with KDE. It searches for the Mozillux themes (Plastikfox, Plastikthunder, Plastikzilla and Keramikzilla) you have installed in your home and updates their icons according to the icon set you're using in KDE. That is, if you're using Firefox and have the Kids theme in KDE, Plastikfox will get Kids icons. If you're using Thunderbird and have the Lila icon set, Plastikthunder will get Lila icons.

This is the first version, so although it should work properly you should consider it has beta quality. I won't be responsible if you have some trouble with it. It doesn't work with icons you have installed globally in the Firefox directory and doesn't allow you to manually specify which files you want to update, but I'll add support for it in the next release. Anyway that souldn't be a problem in most cases. There might be some non-KDE-standard icons in the themes that won't be updated, but I plan to fix this soon.

Reporting bugs doesn't make much sense right now but if you consider it's important, send me an e-mail to:

vfernandez [-at-] polinux [-dot-] upv [-dot-] es

How to install

Use the usual compiling procedure:

./configure --prefix=`kde-config --prefix`
make install (as root)

The "make install" is not required, since you may execute the program directly from the "src" directory or any other directory.

How to use

Just run the program everytime you change your preferred icon set, or everytime you run Firefox if you want. The icons will be changed only when necessary so running it won't usually slow down your Firefox loading times too much (just ~1 second).

I recommend you to create a script or to modify the Firefox app-link so that it runs this program just before Firefox.

When I say Firefox it can also be Thunderbird or Mozilla as well.


Q. Is it possible to improve this program so that it changes the widget style and/or colors?
A. Changing the icons is one thing, changing the widget style is a very different thing. The first thing is relatively easy to do, since Mozillux themes already have the icons structured in a similar way to KDE. The second thing is MUCH MUCH harder to do, and it would make much more sense to use QT native widgets or GTK widgets and GTK-QT. I don't discard creating a theme similar to Plastikfox and Plastikthunder but using native widgets, although I don't plan to make it in the short-term.

Q. Does this program work with other non-Mozillux themes too?
A. No, it only works with themes from the Mozillux project. This is due to they have the icons in a directory with the same structure as the KDE icons, while other themes have the icons spread through different directories with different names.

Q. Will you provide binary packages?
A. Yes, probably for Mandriva. I would provide packages for Suse but I'm in contact with the Suse Firefox maintainer so it's very likely they will include it in the next Suse release.
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16 years ago

Looks awesome, great job.



16 years ago

Good job!



16 years ago

I use gtk-qt, can this thing work with it or it's absolutely necessary a mozillinux theme?




16 years ago

It only works with Mozillux themes because they have the icons organized in a way very similar to KDE. The default Firefox theme, as well as the majority of themes, have the icons distributed in different directories, so this program doesn't work with them. But as you can read in the FAQ, I don't discard making a native widget theme based on Plastikfox. This would mean you would use GTK-QT for the widgets and this program for the icons, having this way a Firefox well integrated with KDE.


16 years ago


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