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Merge desktop items
Using LDAP/PAM/NSS you can login on more than one host. Now one thing you want is that you can take your kde-settings and desktop with you. With the standard KDE installation every host keeps it own settings.
Now I've been working on a sollution to take the settings with me. Look at:

With this I can take my settings with me. Just like roaming profiles.
They are installed (synced) when I login KDM. (and synced back when I log out)

This construction is OK, but does not make any difference between hosts. Some times some application is typical for one host, not all. Then you only want to see a icon for this program on your desktop on this host, not on any other host.
How can I achieve this? I've been thinking that adding a new X-hosts line in the .desktop files in the ~/Desktop directory. The sync command for this directory should somehow merge a local Desktop directory and the Desktop directory for this user available on the network. The new added line X-hosts should play an important rol in this.

Possible values for X-hosts should be:
- a single host
- a group/network

Any body having experience/ideas with this??
This is only an idea, apart from the construction I'm using for my machines at home I do not have any sollution.

Stef Bon
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15 years ago

2006-04-03 First idea.


15 years ago

I often wish the default *nix permission system resembled Windows ACLs and groups, but one of the nice things about X is that it allows you to run your desktop off another system entirely. When you can do that, I'm not sure how often it is useful to copy everything over the network to a local machine.


15 years ago

2006-04-03 First idea.

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