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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


Nice, calm and dark low contrast GTK+ theme.

XFCE Style seen in screenshot: Tyrex (unknown author)

"Soft and smooth and easy on the eyes. Matching metacity theme available and made to look its best with the Gnome Flat SVG icons.

Updated - a few bugs squashed for more consistency.

Yet another update - consistency improved throughout, much redundancy removed so as to speed up responsiveness.

Revised pretty substantially: lighter text fields that work better with evolution and help system, more rounded edges, and much improved responsiveness due to squashed bugs in notebook handling. Recursive inspiration from "StrongLooks" Clearlooks theme."

from: original description at art.gnome.org
see poptone's (=author) page (this guy also made a set of window borders names 'Tactile')


11 years ago

Just stumbled onto Tactile via another variant of it. Very good dark theme and one of the best for legibility of text. Not sure why the Metacity theme isn't here as well but found it over on art.gnome.org.



12 years ago

You might not understand this but it isn't appropriate to have dark on dark. You have light on dark, and dark on light. But you don't have dark on dark. We don't sit 6 inches from our screens. Discerning dark at a distance is hard. Dark backgrounds with black font colors is not appropriate. You need yellows, bright white, blues and yellows, and whites and reds in order to get the appropriate color scheme. Yours is just like most of the other dark themes. They have dark on dark. That's like having light gray on bright white. It is washed out (faded). You have to have dark on light and light on dark to make sense...and there are schemes that make sense, such as yellow being the inverse of blue, etc.



11 years ago

Yeah it's been like a year, but I just found this so I gotta ask: where did this version of Tactile have "dark on dark?" Tactile has never had such stupid usability bugs; lettering is consistently #EAEAEA on top of a neutral background color. It was then, it still is.




14 years ago

Yes, Its one of the best low-contrast theme I found so far



14 years ago

I ve been looking for a dark theme and i found it now! Glad i didn't have to write my own.

great for day to day us


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