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Thanx to my non stop simulations I've gotta be up the whole night. To relax for a while I just changed some attributes of the amazing Dark Brit theme from nosebleed@DA, which itself is based on Elegant Brit and am posting it here. Nothin big, just that it's green now and I guess I can pass it off as a dark theme! As usual this theme will luk great with the best wall/icon/font choices. I know most ppl don't give a damn about aesthetics in general, and I do concur. When I am in hyper coding mode, all I use is a tiling WM and the gud ol' vi. But aesthetics can sometimes impress a co-worker for instance and prolly motivate him/her to try out linux! Keeping this in mind, I am also linking possible wall choices and icon themes as well!

As far as Wall goes, I think gaia wallpapers, and grass blade walls go great with this theme. I am linking two choices.

Thanx to Oxygen Refit Green version, you don't have to search any further. Jungle Icon theme is also a gud bet. If u prefer contrast, then I guess Powered icon theme by fratrip and White Reflections Icon theme by msart2k can be considered.

Coming to Fonts, well snap, anorexia, any artwiz font will luk great. I tried aquabase 7, and it looked perfect.

Note: I don't mind about the way the theme is voted! I will post better screenshots in my blog!


12 years ago

I like your unique white border way of making the widgets readable on dark backgrounds



12 years ago

Possible to build a corresponding QT-Theme. I'm using ion3 and E17 and use Shellapps with some QT/GTK-Apss together. I use normally Zenburncolors but yours is looking nice too. So is there a possibility to have a complete desktop from your side?
thanks for the answere in advance and keep up the good work



product-maker Ahmose Jul 25 2011 9 excellent
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