Wasp & Flower (PL)


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Location: Poland -> Tatry ; Place: Sciezka nad Reglami ; Object: wasp & flower


14 years ago

I hate to burst your bubble, but the insect in your image is NOT a Wasp. It isn't even a bee for that matter. It's what is known as a Bee Fly, which is in the family Bombyliidae.

Bee Fly adults have long proboscis and feed on nectar and pollen. On a sunny day, they are often seen feeding on flowers, hovering over vegetation or resting on bare ground. They are import pollinators, some are even the primary pollinators of some species of flower plants.

Bee Flies are hairy, most of them mimic wasps or bees (Batesian mimics of Hymenoptera), which is why you easily mistook this one for a wasp. However, they have stout bodies and do not have a narrowed waist. Their wings are easily recognized with distinctive vein patterns, usually dark in colour, some with patterns or spots. When at rest, their wings are flat in outspread position as opposed to pulled into the body (as is the case for most wasps or bees.)

Ok. Enough with the biology lesson! Great image; I merely thought you'd enjoy a correction as long as it were educational!


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