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from a Vista-black Wallpaper

comments are very welcome :o)


12 years ago

Fuck you guys are faggots. Yeah the wallpaper is kinda shit but fuck, get over yourselves. You guys take this shit too seriously.



12 years ago

seriusly, this is got to stop, this is the most ridicilus wallpapper ever i think.

why do these windows users come to gnome dump theyr shit?????????????????????'???

this is what i call "Wunduws Vustus" infestation, they are all over the place and the reson why, its because microshit dont have a desktop cube, fire effects, rain drop effects, and bla bla bla effects. they dont even know what linux really is about, all they care is about the frikin desktop effects. i urge Microshit to please make a desktop Cube for vista and desktop effects for vista or xp or whatever to have all these idiots out of linux / open source comunity!

besides, design is not for everyone and this is the plain evidance!

really poooor, poooor work here, doesnt even deserve to be here so, fuck you and your "Vustuntu" bullshit!!!!!



12 years ago

i hate how everyone is obsessed with vista too, why? why do people thrash it yet they cant stop hugging it?

if you love vista, use it...

it seems to me like there are more vista huggers in linux than there are in os x!

i dont like this wallpaper.

i made one poking fun, which is here:

but seriously, an ubuntu linux logo... on a windows vista wallpaper? .........



12 years ago

Lemme guess...you searched for a Vista wallpaper on the internet, put Ubuntu on it and uploaded it. That is sad.
Also, this place is for GNOME, stuff, not your crappy (yes, you didn't even did it right) Vista spinoffs.


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