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Sorry there's no screenshots - the images are only just above the 300KB limit :(

This is the red ("Wine") variant of Arc-Colors4GRUB, part of a matching set of wallpapers optimised for use in GRUB derived from the excellent Arc-Colors wallpapers by perfectska04.

They are meant to be used in conjunction with Shiki-Colors or at least Arc-Colors, to give the whole theme more consistency as your operating system loads up.

The idea is, from the moment you hit the GRUB menu, you're experiencing Shiki-colors already.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Please put them in the comments box below. If it's related to the parent wallpapers or theme, please post your responses to their creator in the relevant comments sections. I am "downstream" from Arc-colors, as it were, and cannot really change something you don't like upstream!

Apologies in advance for any erratic updating - my free time varies wildly.


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11 years ago

0.01 - initial release

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11 years ago

0.01 - initial release

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