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PC/OS Twilight is a derivative of Light X designed for the next release of PC/OS, http://www.pc-os.org. Its designed for XFCE. With this we also include the new windows borders.


9 years ago

I gotta be honest and say I really don't' care for it, as it reminds me all too much of Ubuntu and their short-sighted decision to move the titlebar buttons to the left, which I don't like one bit.

BUT...I think it's cool to see another PC/OS user on here! :-) I switched to PC/OS from Mint Xfce 3 weeks ago and I love it! The thing I like most about PC/OS is how it is one of only two distros I've ever tried that properly detected the Broadcom wireless card in our laptop with no configuration necessary! :-)

For the record, the other distro to successfully do that was Mepis, but it comes with KDE 4, which proved to be too bloated for our 2005 Dell Inspiron 6000, as the Mepis live CD ground to a halt soon after connecting. But Xfce, which, of course, comes with PC/OS, didn't bog it down a bit! Therefore, PC/OS is now officially my distro of choice! :-)


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Jul 24 2019
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