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This series of themes is something I created for Flag Day, to honor the date of the creation of the U.S. Flag, created by Betsy Ross on June 14, 1777.

The GTK and XFWM themes are a port of the "4th of July" theme for the Enlightenment window manager on As soon as I discovered it earlier this year, I knew I just had to create a GTK port of it. Well, here's that GTK port of that Enlightenment theme! :-)

In the GTK theme's "menu" folder are 2 variations on the "menuitem.png" -- a clear version and a red version. To switch to the other one, just open the one you'd like to use in the GIMP and save it as "menuitem.png" (you may need to log out and log back in for the changes to take place). Also, in the "panel" folder is the menu launcher icon I'm using as well.

The "Americons" icon themes are based on the "PC/OS Crashbit Mashup" icon theme, except I have re-colored them for better compatibility with dark panel backgrounds. I also created them in 2 versions -- one with blue folders and one with red folders.

Finally, to round out the full patriotic experience, I also took the wallpaper for this (yes, it too was included in the 4th of July Enlightenment theme) and made a GDM login screen theme out of it, too.


The “Stars and Stripes” is the official national symbol of the United States of America and was authorized by Congress on Saturday, June 14, 1777, in the 5th item of the day's agenda. The entry in the journal of the Continental Congress 1774-1789 Vol. Vlll 1777 reads “Resolved that the flag of the thirteen United States be Thirteen stripes alternate red and white: that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”


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