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This is my Ubuntu Bliss Theme. Its is a very elegant, bright, simple and usable theme. It was not designed to completely overhaul the default Ubuntu theme, but instead to improve upon it and make it easier on the eyes and look better. It is something that it very nice to look at and work with, and won't get in the way. It includes a beautiful background, the theme, an icon set, and the cursor.

It is a compilation of works by others that I combined to make my favorite theme. I always install this theme first thing when I install Ubuntu and I wanted to give back back to the community and share it with you.

I hope you enjoy it!
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Thank you!

1.) Extract the 'Bliss-Theme.tar.bz2' file

2.) Open the INSTRUCTIONS text document included in the file and follow its steps to install the theme.

Sources and credit are described in the CREDIT text document.

Content and compilation is/was distributed under the GPL.

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9 years ago

1.0:- Created.

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9 years ago

1.0:- Created.

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