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Yes, this is another Clearlooks color mod, but this one is different. I don't know how people can use such bright themes like Milk, but I know I certainly can't. I use the computer a lot, so the darker the better. I made this to replace my old set up with RMilk-Black. I wanted something really dark, yet still usable and with a bit of color. I debated whether I should make the text purple, and after using it for a while it doesn't bother me at all, so I went with it. Tell me what you think.


15 years ago

and now. the link is dead as well. lol



15 years ago

for starters, you zipped it... so you can't drag&drop it into gnome's theme manager. and then you only provided the gtk-2.0 directory. everyone will have to create the Clearlooks-Indigo directory themselves. while these are pretty simple things to get past, they are certainly a break from how gnome\gtk are usually distributed and is sure to cause a lot of confusion for less experienced users.

as for the theme... too black. it's really difficult to see. i can barely find the resize bars or the resize handle (?.. whatever you call that grippy thing at the bottom right corner of apps). i can't find the scrollbars at all unless my mouse is over them. certianly can't see black icons on the panel. can't tell the unused workspaces from the panel on the ws switcher. firefox is an abosulute mess. i can't see the adblock button or anything else the resides in the ffx's statusbar. the mixer applet is no good since you can't see anything but the speaker cone(?). even the tooltips are somewhat difficult to see.

i know that's a lot.. sorry.



15 years ago

A screenshot would be nice.


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