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MacUltimate Leopard it's an icon pack that I compiled and improved for myself and decided to share with all the lovers of the Mac design.

This icon theme fits smooth with the great Mac4Lin Project.
In fact, I didn't like some things from the Mac4Lin Icon Pack, so that was one of the reasons to made this icon pack (by the way, the pack has already some months, but lately I've been improving it, and make it look really nice with the Ubuntu 8.04, with all the updates).

It's majorly a mix of "LeopardX V2.6" and "Mac4Lin Icon Theme", but has some icons from "black-white 2 Style" and "Clearlooks OSX", from one or another icon packs and some I've made myself.

Enjoy It!

As a bonus for all that use the awesome Avant Window Navigator, I share my custom-icons, so that some applications look nice in the bar (because not all things are applied by the icon pack). If you want to use it, just copy and paste the icons in /home/*user*/.config/awn/custom-icons

[size=4]***** UPDATE - Jun 15 2008 *****[/size]

Hey there!

This time, I bring you improvements to the icon pack.

I've added some new application icons I have and improved some other icons that were already in the previous pack (such as gtk related icons - cut, copy, search...). Maybe the main difference that you'll notice is that I've changed the network-manager icon and now it's using the one from Mac4Lin Icon Pack, but I've made the one when there's 0% of network to look like the Mac one (looks like an inverted triangle).

Because in the comments an user said that would like to have the "black ubuntu icon" instead of the "apple icon", to anyone who what it too, the quickest way to do that is open your terminal and paste this:

cd /home/*your_user*/.icons/MacUltimate_Leopard/scalable/places
ln -s -f main-menu.png start-here.png
ln -s -f main-menu.png gnome-main-menu.png
ln -s -f main-menu.png distributor-logo.png
killall gnome-panel

Of course, don't forget to replace *your_user* with your username.

I would like to call your ATTENTION to the fact the I've changed the name of the folder where the pack is installed from LeopardX_V3.1 (it was a mistake I've made, because this was the name I used to call it and I've forgotten to change when made the previous pack upload) to MacUltimate_Leopard. This way it's more correct. Before you install this updated pack, I would recommend you to remove the previous pack (because it will not be necessary anymore). To do that so, run your terminal and paste the following line:

rm -r /home/*your_user*/.icons/LeopardX_V3.1
(Once again, replace *your_user* with your username)

Finally, there's an updated AWN Custom Icons if you want to use it.

Enjoy it! :D

[size=4]***** UPDATE - Jun 18 2008 *****[/size]

Not much to say. Only bug fixes (pointed by user in the comments and some others I've found), some new icons and an alternative mirror.

[size=4]***** UPDATE - Jul 24 2008 *****[/size]

Hello everybody!

Here I am again with an updated MacUltimate Leopard icon pack.

Like in the previous updates, this one brings some bugfixes (there were some icons in places they shouldn't be, etc), improvements (I think I could make some icons better, so I did) and, of course, new icons. In this particular point, there are icons from some applications I recently installed (and maybe some of you have them too) and, what I think it's the best, all the Wine-related icons are now Mac-a-like (if you go to Applications -> Wine, you will know what I'm talking about).

This time, I decided to make the icon pack with the "black ubuntu icon" in the top panel. I made this decision because now I use it and it seems like many people prefers it instead the "apple icon". But for everyone who want the "apple icon", just run your terminal and paste the following lines (don't forget to replace *your_user* with your username):

cd /home/*your_user*/.icons/MacUltimate_Leopard/scalable/places
mv -f start-here_.png start-here.png
mv -f gnome-main-menu_.png gnome-main-menu.png
mv -f distributor-logo_.png distributor-logo.png
killall gnome-panel

Finally, if you use the amazing Avant Window Navigator, there's an updated AWN Custom Icons if you want to fit AWN with your icon pack (to install, see above the instructions).

Well, this is it. Hope you enjoy this update, and specially, the MacUltimate Leopard!

[size=4]***** UPDATE - Set 27 2008 *****[/size]

Hi people!

Heres a small update for the package. Some new application icons and some bugfixes.


[size=4]***** UPDATE - Nov 30 2008 *****[/size]


Here I am, once again, to bring you an update of MacUltimate Leopard.
With the new Ubuntu Intrepid, came a new version of Gnome, which as some changes in the icons and made some icons in the package became wrong.
So, with this update, everything is right again: there are some changes, new icons and bugfixes. If you detect something wrong, leave a comment that I'll try to resolve it as soon as I can.


[size=4]***** UPDATE - Dez 10 2008 *****[/size]

Hello everyone!

New icons, bugfixes, some changes... well, a new update to the MacUltimate Leopard! If you want a nicer experience, you should really install this update.
As I said before, if you find something wrong, let me know.


PS: There's an updated version of AWN Custom Icons too.

[size=4]***** UPDATE - Fev 22 2009 *****[/size]


Not really much to say, this time. Some new icons, and 2/3 small bugfixes.
And an updated AWN Custom Icons pack.

Hope you like it!

[size=4]***** UPDATE - Jul 14 2009 *****[/size]

Hi! Long gone since the last update. Here's the pack with some new icons, and in a new host.
I couldn't solve the "problem" with the restart icon, so if anyone knows what can I do, I would appreciate very much.

Enjoy. ;)

[size=5]***** UPDATE - Jan 27 2010 *****[/size]

Hey there, everyone! Half an year has passed since the last update. How the time runs... =D

Sorry for not post this update earlier, but my life lately has been very busy, so only recently I had the opportunity to install Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Koala and made the necessary changes required in the icon pack.

So, it contains some new icons and the necessary bugs fixes to some things that were changed in this new version of GNOME, included in Karmic Koala.

About the Custom AWN Icons, there's no update because I no longed use it, because now I use AWN 0.3.9 and the integration with the system icons is awesome. To install this version, just search for "awn-testing ppa" and install it (the package name is avant-window-navigator-trunk).

Hope you all alright and I wish you enjoy this icon theme. =D

UPDATE: The previous package had problems extracting some files. Now there's an updated package, with no problems.


12 years ago

Could you store your file in another place, say deviantART? cuz rapidshare has some limits to free users. Thx!




12 years ago

Right now, I cannot do it, but tomorrow I'll re-up the file into other mirror and leave the link here.



12 years ago

Hello friend, very, very good work putting this theme together.
It installed without any problems whatsoever.
One question I do have, is, the ubuntu icon has been replaced with a apple icon, is there a way to change that back?
All the icons are very nice and go well with any theme, they are very polished and have a high level of detail, truly one of the best sets here, except that apple icon............




12 years ago

Of course there is a way to replace the apple icon with the ubuntu icon. To make it quick, just paste this in your terminal:

cd /home/*your_user*/.icons/MacUltimate_Leopard_1.0/scalable/places
ln -s -f main-menu.png start-here.png
ln -s -f main-menu.png gnome-main-menu.png
killall gnome-panel

Don't forget to replace *your_user* with your username.

And there it is, the black ubuntu icon in your panel.



11 years ago

Quote:cd /home/*your_user*/.icons

is the same as :

Quote:cd ~/.icons



12 years ago

Thank you for the quick reply, and for making it very simple to change!
Keep up the good work.



12 years ago

Ever since I moved to Ubuntu 8.04 Mac themes wouldn't go correctly and yours is perfect, keep up the good work. ;)



12 years ago

would you please fix it?




12 years ago




12 years ago

Thank you.
It's a nice icon theme, keep up the nice work!


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