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QtCurve Milk engine turned some nudges here and there in the settings for QtCurve engine used somewhat the colours from Paz-1 from Deviantart Coffee-W-Cream-Theme 1.0

I actually started out from a screenshot from the old SlicknesS-Golden from TheRobs gnome2 days :-) But ended up using the same colours as Paz-1's .

Icons are NuoveXT.2.2 pick the 0.0.1 version from 2009 that's the NuoveXT icon theme.
Borders are QtCurve too.
Wallpaper: Heydar Aliyev Center rightclick and "save image as"

KDE 4.13.3
Qt-Version 4.8.6

Plasma-theme is Tibanna

unpack the icontheme to -> /usr/share/icons If you want root-apps to have the same icons and not standard-kde icons.

##Remember before installing theme to install qtcurve from the package manager/konsole apt-get install qtcurve

Import the Mac-Milk-Latté.qtcurve file in System Settings->Applications Appearance, choose QtCurve from the dropdownmenu , now press the button config to the right of the dropdownmenu, press Import and choose the .qtcurve file from the theme-folder Click OK.
For the colours now go to the lefthand tree-menu and choose colours, press import colourscheme and choose the .colors file from the theme-folder.
Now go to the GTK-tab in the lefthand menu, and choose QtCurve as GTK2-theme and just pick Default under GTK3. For icons in GTK based apps you need to set Icontheme to NuoveXT.2.2 maybe just set it as the spare/reserve too.

Now you should be good to go, if there's any thing you're in doubt of, don't hessitate to give me heads up in the comments.
Hope you enjoy
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A theming and window decoration engine for unifying Qt and GTK-based applications look.