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NanoTeK - Dekorator is a part of the NanoTeK Suite

This suite should contain once finished :

-A theme-manager theme
-A domino config
-A dekorator theme
-Several wallpapers
-A KBFX theme
-A Moodin theme
-A KDM theme

NanoTeK - Dekorator Installation

I. Requirement

This theme requires the dekorator windeco you can find here but I think anyway it should available in the repositories (like in ubuntu).

II. Installation

1. Open kcontrol or whatever can let you change your windeco.

2. Appearance & themes > window decoration then choose dekorator in the bar.

3. Go to the tab "Paths" and :

- For the "Frames tiles Path" browse to NanoTeK-theme/deco
- For the "Buttons tiles path" browse to NanoTeK-theme/buttons
- For the "Masks tiles path" (provided you check the "Use Masks" option and you need to) browse to NanoTeK-theme/masks

4. Switch to the "Colors" tab and check "Use buttons animation"and select animate effect --> intensity with steps to 10 and interval 50. In the same group Hover And Press Effect --> To Gray with amount 5. Change Active color to white (#969696) and inactive color to #969696. Last, the colorizing Method should be on kde Method for both Deco and buttons.

5. This is as you prefer, you can also put some shadow, but it may become less readable. If you want to, just switch to the misc tab. Check the "Use shadowed text" option and then for active x=0 y=-1 and color=#227EFF and for inactive x=0 y=-2 and color=#6A6562 If you want to use the menu button (top left) and not the application icon in the top left corner, check also "Use menu button image instead of the app icon"

6. Just apply then and enjoy ;)

7 Tell me if you see anything strange or bugs
Last changelog:

13 years ago

13/10/2007 : First Release

04/11/2007 : Updated. Now contains, a smaller title bar theme

05/11/2007 : Fixed the archive


13 years ago

u have made some mistake while compressing NanoTeK-theme.tar.gz

it says unexpected end of file while extracting
check it out!!
nice theme by the way




13 years ago

Thank you, updated the archive, now it should works fine. I'm rewriting the KBFX theme from scratch should really look better ;)


13 years ago

13/10/2007 : First Release

04/11/2007 : Updated. Now contains, a smaller title bar theme

05/11/2007 : Fixed the archive

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deKorator is a themable window decorator for KDE Plasma.

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