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This is a simple memory monitor.
Having had installed Linux 64-bit for compatibility reasons (UEFI), I stumbled upon inexplicably high memory usage, running out of resources as soon as there'd been approximately 5 applications running in 10 windows.
In my quest for utter control of ongoing processes, I developed a memory monitor with standard unix memory information and a signalplotter class that python conveniently provided. However, observed values fell victim to what is called "integrated sanitisation", especially on a smaller scale, urging me to use an own plotter.
Later on, I also found out that retrieved memory information was basically useless for reasonable interpretation and discovered a more accurate tool to meet my needs, that is, "smem".
As a consequence, this plasmoid is bound to this very program.

smem: Download and install through your package manager or access it directly over the website If you do the latter, be sure to set appropriate system links (for example "sudo ln -s /path/to/smem /usr/bin/smem"). Note that smem requires python V2, so you'll need a bash script (python2 /path/to/smem "$@") in case your system already uses python V3.

System V IPC module for python.
If you don't have it yet, visit for download and install instructions.
Short manual:
Download file, go to the related directory and run "sudo python install". For systems linking python 3 per default, type "sudo python2 install". If it quits moaning about a python file install the package "python-dev(el)" first. Eventually restart KDE

Plasmoid was tested on
Kubuntu 11.04, 11.10, 12.04, 12.10, 13.10

smem is quite expensive for the CPU. I do not recommend update intervals below a level of 30 seconds. If you really need all performance for scientific computing, consider to remove the plasmoid from the desktop.

On Fedora, sudo usually requires a tty to run. You may remove the line "Defaults requiretty" in /etc/sudoers to change this behaviour.

I'd be grateful about any kind of feedback.
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1.0 Initial release

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7 years ago

1.0 Initial release

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