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Monkey Patch Tester

Configuration by jarbasai
Tests that Monkey Patches skill is working A second skill is required to verify patching worked, results from main skill would not reflect global state
config patch update fix diagnostic addon
Dec 29 2020


Full Icon Themes by hendra
and extract it - Copy paste in /usr/share/icons - Run command ~$ sudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share
brown papirus linux unix icon-theme update
Dec 01 2020


Dolphin Service Menus by risu
Refresh context menu. You can right-click on an empty space and refresh folder like in the Microsoft Windows. Make sure xdotool is installed (if not type "sudo apt install xdotool" in the console or download via manager like Discover). Manual installation: Copy...
refresh update menu windows addon
Sep 05 2019


Dolphin Service Menus by Jamesjon
Actualiza, Refresca o Redibuja los archivos y las carpetas de Dolphin desde el menú secundario del ratón. Requisitos Se requiere la instalación de "xdotool". Puedes realizar la instalación del paquete "xdotool" desde Octopi, Synaptic u otro gestor de archivos. También puedes realizar...
actualiza refresca redibuja update refresh addon
Sep 12 2019

Linux Mint Update manager icons for systray

Icon Sub-Sets by abdullahoguk
Linux Mint Update Manager custom icons This icon set is edited version of RoberGalarga's work
linuxmint cinnamon update updatemanager linux-mint linux unix iconset
Dec 03 2018

Arch Linux System Tray Update Notifier and Upgrader

Plasma 5 Applets by I-Dream-in-Code
A system tray widget notifying you of available updates for your Arch Linux System with AUR
linux unix extension plasma-5 widget kde plasma update notifier
Oct 21 2018