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Kwin Scripts by acristoffers
A kwin script to mimic macOS's Rectangle tiling options in Plasma. It allows manual tiling with the following shortcuts (configurable in settings): - Quarter: Top Left: `Ctrl+Meta+U` - Quarter: Top Right: `Ctrl+Meta+I` - Quarter: Bottom Left: `Ctrl+Meta+J` - Quarter: Bottom Right:...
kwinscript linux tile tiling unix
Feb 01 2023


Kwin Scripts by 51n7
This is a Kwin script that allows you to create desktop regions by grid selection, then lets you quickly snap the window to that position.
grid gtile linux moom tile tiling unix
Dec 20 2022

KDE Snap Assist

Kwin Scripts by emvaized
This KWin script suggests other window thumbnails on snap. It tries to replicate the famous Windows 10/11 feature of the same name. Assist can be shown by dragging a window to the screen edge, as well as via default keyboard shortcuts ([b]super[/b] + arrows). You can select the window with...
assist linux snap tile tiling unix windows
Sep 25 2022

Exquisite - Window Tiling

Kwin Scripts by qewer
Exquisite is a KWin script that brings Windows 11 like window tiling to KDE Plasma. The default shortcut is [b]Ctrl + Alt + D[/b]. It can be configured from [b]System Settings > Shortcuts > KWin > Exquisite[/b]. Github repo: [url][/url]
linux tile tiling unix window windows11
Aug 20 2022

Quick Tile 2

Kwin Scripts by tsoernes
. The shortcuts are prefixed "Quick Tile 2". They are usually to be found in the KWin shortcut tab, but on some
kwin linux snap tile tiling unix windows10
Sep 07 2018