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Simple Window Groups

Kwin Scripts by wsdfhjxc
This is a script that provides a window grouping system, similar as in some window managers. Groups, as implemented in this script, are kind of a replacement for virtual desktops. A window can be added to multiple groups at the same time, and windows from different groups can be shown...
window groups tags linux unix
Nov 13 2020

Perahara kandy

Animals by thusitha
Elephant. Copyright (c) Thusitha Dumidu. All rights reserved.
tags elephents animals wallpaper artwork animal
Sep 02 2018

Tagged Penguin

Plymouth Themes by isylumn
A Plymouth splash in which a tagged penguin illustrates the boot process. The design is a recreation of the artwork by Daniele Garau 2013. To install... $ sudo cp -i -r ./Downloads/plymouth-theme/tagged-penguin/ /usr/share/plymouth/themes/ $ sudo...
penguin extinction tags linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
Feb 17 2019