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TWC Stream

Information by AIIX
Play Live News from The Weather Channel with Mycroft
live skills the weather channel addon
Feb 25 2021

Euronews Live Stream

Information by jarbasai
Live news from Euronews European news for Mycroft Supported Languages: - English - Portuguese - Italian - Spanish - French - German
mycroft news euronews skills stream addon
Dec 29 2020

Confucius Quotes Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Confucius Quotes and basic information
mycroft skills quotes addon
Dec 21 2020


Entertainment by jarbasai
Let Mycroft brighten your day with a little humor from icanhazdadjoke Chuck Norris jokes powered by pyjokes ## About Brighten your day with dad humor. _WARNING: Laughter is not guaranteed, but eye rolls are likely._ Works in all languages NOTE: this will automatically...
mycroft skills jokes laugh addon
Dec 17 2020

Wolfram Alpha

Information by jarbasai
Ask general-knowledge queries CommonQuery skill for Wolfram Alpha You'll be surprised by how much it knows! You can also explicitly request to "ask the wolf" NOTE: this is meant to be a better alternative to the official mycroft skill, it will blacklist the official skill!! ##...
mycroft skills knowledge general query addon
Dec 17 2020

Duck Duck Go

Information by jarbasai
Uses the DuckDuckGo API to provide information. NOTE: this is meant a better alternative to the official duck duck go skill, it will be blacklisted ## Examples * "when was stephen hawking born" * "ask the duck about the big bang" * "tell me more" * "who is elon musk" *...
mycroft skills duckduckgo internet search addon
Dec 17 2020

H. P. Lovecraft Skills Collection

Collections by jarbasai
Compilation of skills providing the best lovecraft stories from selected sources
mycroft skills lovecraft audiobook reading
Aug 27 2020

Epic Horror Theatre Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Radio drama adaptions of H. P. Lovecraft This skill brings to you: - a radio drama adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's classic tale, "The Color Out Of Space" directed by Ron N. Butler and published by the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company! Written in March 1927, tonight's tale details the...
mycroft lovecraft audiobook skills audio addon
Aug 17 2020

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast has been creating podcasts and audio productions since 2009 Listen to the podcasts or selected readings Each week, hosts Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey discuss a piece of weird fiction. Talented voice actors bring the text to life. Music and sound...
podcast lovecraft audiobook mycroft skills addon
Aug 12 2020

Old World Radio Skill

Entertainment by jarbasai
Old World Radio Soundtrack of the fallout games
mycroft skills fallout radio music addon
Aug 10 2020