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MiFlash-Compatible Pixel Experience - Alioth - UNOFFICIAL

Phone ROMS by peterbetos
!! CHECK THE CHANGELOGS !! !! REQUIRED !! * Ensure that device is detected as well on fastbootd mode. To check, run the following command below during bootloader and ensure that the device is present on Windows "Device Manager" fastboot reboot fastboot You should see "Android...
Sep 19 2021

Marwaita OSX

GTK3/4 Themes by darkomarko42
theme for budgie Desktop(also support cinnamon,mate,xfce, unity and pantheon) marwaita theme ( ) but is Macos style * EXTRACT ALL FOLDERS REQUIRED * * GTK 3.24 * * GTK 4.0 *
osx linux macos marwaita blue gtk gnome unix theme
Sep 03 2021

Breeze Extended

Full Icon Themes by kuroe-hanako
Breeze icons for other Desktops. It is compatible with KDE, GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt
1 day ago

WhiteSur icon theme

Full Icon Themes by vinceliuice
WhiteSur icon theme for linux desktops ---------------------------- [b]Based on: [b] OSX_ONE
Oct 13 2021

Capazul (3.2 Compatible!)

Gnome Shell Themes by plaidcounty
I used one of my all-time favorite hex-coded colors for the base of this theme: #336699. Love that color! Enjoy! Installation: Put the 'Capazul' folder inside ~/.themes and use a theme-selector extension to select it. OR, backup your /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme folder and replace...
Oct 20 2011

Cappuccino (QIP Kolobok compatible)

Emoticons by malody
A set of emoticons, 100% compatible with QIP Kolobok.
Aug 05 2010

Ant Themes

GTK3/4 Themes by eliverlara
[/B]: The slim.tar.xz file contains both styles of the slim version (OSX and NO-OSX buttons). [b]The Dracula tar files
Oct 09 2021

Air (Gnome Shell 3.6 compatible)

Gnome Shell Themes by OxayotlTheGreat
A Gnome-Shell theme inspired by the Docky theme called Air. Use a lot of gradient from white to transparency, and imho works better with light backgrounds than dark backgrounds. It was based on the code from Adwaita-White...
Nov 03 2012

Google Shell (Dark & 3.2 compatible!)

Gnome Shell Themes by plaidcounty
I've been attracted to the new look of and all the web apps in their arsenal. So I figured it should make a pretty good looking gnome-shell theme. Hope you like it! I included the switches from 0rAX0's Nord theme because they're just so easy on the eyes and I couldn't find any...
Oct 20 2011

Metal X 1.4 (compatible with gnome 3.2)

Gnome Shell Themes by viper200
A metallic gnome shell theme for gnome 3. Please do let me know if you get any errors, i have only tried this theme on ubuntu and mint. Note: the download contains two packages one for gnome3 and other for gnome3.2 pls install the required one.
Oct 19 2011