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Utterly Round

Plasma Window Decorations by himdek
Rounded Window borders for KDE Plasma 5 desktop environment that follows all color scheme with transparency and blur * To blend window decoration with background, install and use the Color Scheme, Kvantum Theme and Konsole Color Scheme from the below Global...
aurorae windowdeco mac macos round linux unix theme kde plasma
2 days ago

Control Centre

Plasma 5 Applets by prayagjain
:// This is a control centre for KDE inspired by the one in MacOS!
center centre control extension kde linux mac macos plasma plasma-5 unix widget
Oct 17 2022


Full Icon Themes by markyb86
SevenIcons is a fork of NineIcons to replace the icons that were changed between Macintosh System 7 and Mac OS 8/9. Made this modification to go with my Symptom7 Macintosh System 7 theme. The github link will always be more up to date.
7 icon-theme linux mac macintosh macos system unix
Jul 11 2022


XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by markyb86
I created this theme called PlatiNomNom based on the 3d window style used in Mac OS 8 and 9. This theme is only for XFWM4 Window Manager. Needs a GTK2/GTK3 theme to go with it, depending on your OS. At the moment I am using Mint 20.3, so it needs a GTK3 theme. I paired it with the GTK3 theme...
classic linux mac macintosh macos platinum unix
Jul 02 2022

CubexSoft Thunderbird Converter for Mac

Utilities by amandajames
CubexSoft Thunderbird Converter for Mac is the perfect program for Thunderbird data migration. The software supports bulk export of Thunderbird files to multiple email formats, application, and cloud server. Supports all the latest and old edition of Mac OS such as 12, 11, 10.15, 10.14, 10.13,...
app converter mac macos software
Apr 27 2022

Retro 9 OSX/Lion

Openbox Themes by Ananymania
A Mac OSX-styled theme that has both beautiful diode-buttons and title gradient from the even older Macintosh OS versions! This is also one of my more popular themes...
linux mac machintosh macos osx osxtheme unix
Apr 08 2022

Cheetah Icons for KDE

Full Icon Themes by drgordbord
This a port and adjustment of the BOOMERANG OSX Cheetah Icons Original Version
aqua cheetah icon-theme linux mac macos osx unix
Jan 18 2022


Plank Themes by 170719
[h5]Makina[/h5] [b]Wallpapers[/b] [URL=]Powered by Linux 1* by 170719[/URL] ←←←←←←←←←←←←←←←←← ←↓→ →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→ [b]Check also[/b] [URL=]Gnavale[/URL] [URL=https:/...
catalina dock extension linux mac macos plank unix
Sep 30 2021

MacOS Monterey Wallpaper

Wallpapers OSX/Apple by TheXellix
MacOS Monterey wallpaper taken from beta 12.0 All of this wallpapers are in 6K.
apple artwork mac macos macos12 night osx wallpaper
Jun 20 2021

Fluid Wallpaper

Abstract by crowden
Fluid wallpaper for your Linux environment.
abstract artwork fluid mac macos wallpaper
Jan 30 2021