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Expel Apple ARM support

Terminal Apps by Markospoko
Expel Apple ARM support - you don't need ARM-like processor support if you use legacy OS or have Intel's CPU in a computer, I found that apps for removing f.e. 32-bit architecture wouldn't work for newer binary resources, this one is to do it, you can have some disk space back =) You pass what...
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Sep 20 2021

Human Shell Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by umayanga
---------------------------- HUMAN SHELL THEME ----------------------------- Compatible with * GNOME 3.32 (Ubuntu 19.04, Fedora 30) * GNOME 3.30 (Ubuntu 18.10, Fedora 29 etc) * GNOME 3.28 (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Fedora 28 etc) Based on original MacBuntu theme
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Jul 04 2019