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PixelPlusUI OFFICIAL Redmi Note 7

Phone ROMS by uglykid24
PixelPlusUI is a Pixel Experience based ROM with some more friendly user experience. What differentiates us from the rest, you ask? LET'S FIND OUT. It has additional localised and personalized functionality while preserving the stock Android look by adhering to Material Design guidelines. Unlike...
aosp pixel lavender rom
10 hours ago

Vos 4.0

Phone ROMS by mahi39
Vos is smartphone custome skin of vsmart smartphone from Vietnam country..the rom looks so cool and have nice features like oneui
vos lavender port android11
May 10 2021

lithium kernel

Phone Kernels by ryukizuha
Lithium kernel based android linux stable
lavender redmi redminote7
May 07 2021

Cherish OS-Lavender

Phone ROMS by hungphan2001
CherishOS is a beautiful ROM and based on AOSP, with some added extras. We bring a ROM that exceptional performance, a balance of features, and improve battery life
cherish cherishos lavender
May 06 2021

Nobita Kernel

Phone Kernels by irfannim
Xiaomi kernel sdm660 | lavender
redminote7 lavender xiaomi
May 04 2021

SiLonT Xiaomi SDM660

Phone Kernels by silont-project
SiLonT kernel for Jasmine, Wayne & Lavender With some spicy thighs Make sure you are reading
kernel silont jasmine wayne lavender
May 04 2021


Phone ROMS by mahi39
Oxygenos stable
oxygenos stable port lavender
May 03 2021

Pink Galaxy over Lavender Field Nature Milky Way Starry Sky

Nature by shenal1994
SIZE 1920 X 1200
pink galaxy over lavender wallpaper artwork nature
May 04 2021


Phone Kernels by bananadroid
darkonah kernel with many features for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
kernel lavender xiaomi redminote7
May 01 2021

ConquerOS 4.X Redmi Note 7/7S

Phone ROMS by herobuxx
ConquerOS Official for Redmi Note 7/7S a.k.a Lavender. #BeTheConqueror
caf lavender conqueros
Apr 29 2021