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Netrunner Indigo Look and Feel

Global Themes by l33k
distracting your eyes Dependencies: RED-Modern Cursor: Indigo Auroae
and feel indigo kde linux look look-and-feel netrunner plasma theme unix
Nov 27 2019

Koompi Pionux look and feel

Global Themes by tellsela
Koompi Pionux look and feel
kde khmer koompi linux look-and-feel os pi pionux plasma theme unix
Aug 28 2019

Oxygen-Future Look and Feel

Global Themes by paul-stockwell
Oxygen-Future is a Look and Feel theme Similar to Oxygen. Use with Oxygen-Future desktop theme to avoid the bug that locks up the desktop when deleting widgets. I have included a New version of the Hand Scan splash screen with new graphics and rewritten QML file so splash should fit any...
kde linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Feb 11 2018