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Flavor of the week screenshot no. 2

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zinjanthr0pus
This is sort of a mishmash of other peoples themes (though I've tweaked a few things). Kvantum: Baghira Aqua Green Kv Aurorae: Cupertino Green Kv with buttons from Baghira Aqua Metal Kv Plasma: Mack OSX Colors: Expose Green (with some tweaks) Icons: Delft Mint Konsole: Solarized Light (let me...
osx skeuo glass aqua green linux unix screenshot kde plasma
Apr 26 2022

Cheetah Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by drgordbord
This is a port of the OSX Cheetah theme to the aurorae theme engine
aqua macosx osx cheetah linux unix theme kde plasma
Apr 14 2022

Mac Cheetah Plasma

Plasma Themes by drgordbord
This is a port of the OSX Cheetah top bar for KDE Plasma
aqua macosx osx cheetah linux unix theme kde plasma
Jan 18 2022


Plasma Window Decorations by Dannel
Granite is based on an old theme that I did some time ago for Pantheon. Kvantum theme: I recommend use this with Helium: Based on Breezemite by andreyorst: Please support me...
unix theme linux plasma osx kde
Jan 20 2020

OSX El Capitan for Plank Dock

Plank Themes by fkorpsvart
distribution, such as [b][i]Ubuntu Store, KDE Neon, Deepin, etc.[/i][/b], do a search with the name of the Dock
dock extension unix osx linux macos plank kde
Jan 22 2020

Aex Dark Blue

Plasma Themes by phob1an
Continuing the Aex series this time in dark blue. Designed with the Catalina Dark wallpaper in mind. First release for testing and feedback.
kde plasma osx linux theme unix
Jul 28 2019

OSX - 1

Plasma Color Schemes by hackan301
This is a tweak of a color-scheme named "OSX", so I came up with the very imaginative name "OSX - 1". Enjoy!
plasma linux macos osx kde colorscheme balanced unix theme
Jun 27 2018

Mac OSX Inline Battery

Plasma 5 Monitoring by polunom
Inline battery widget for your top Plasma panel. Features: • Indicators for charging, uncharging, and low battery • Fully customizable settings
battery inline macos osx mac linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget monitoring
Sep 20 2018