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Plasma Window Decorations by darkeye90
AuroraeKvBrown is recolored version of AuroraeKvDark to match KvBrown I hope you like it Contact: deviantart: Instagram : @darkeye90shop Mastadon: Odysee : Support: You can support me by...
decorate decoration kde kvantum kvbrown kwin linux plasma theme unix
Mar 15 2022

Windows Classic [2000/ME/XP] inspired Aurorae Theme

Plasma Window Decorations by pixelocdguy
. It can also be used with KDE Plasma if you are using a Windows Classic-like theme.
aurorae classic kde kwin linux plasma theme unix windows winxp
Feb 23 2022

Swap/Add/Remove - Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

Kwin Scripts by dedean16
Adds keyboard shortcuts to KWin that swap the windows of the current virtual desktop with those of the next/previous/upper/lower desktop, or add/remove a desktop at the current position. When swapping to the 0th/last+1 desktop, a new desktop will be added to make the swap possible. When removing...
desktops kde kwin linux scripts unix
Dec 01 2019

Fully transparent frame

Plasma Window Decorations by eQuilibrium
The windows will have a elegant but fully transparent frame
aurorae kde kwin linux plasma theme unix windows
Oct 02 2019

Screen Rotate Shortcuts

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by Zecas
This khotkeys shortcut group tries to allow screen rotation like with windows 100 : Ctrl+Alt+ an arrow key rotates directly the active monitor. * Normal : Ctrl+Alt+Up * Rotate Left : Ctrl+Alt+Left * Rotate Right : Ctrl+Alt+Right * Invert : Ctrl+Alt+Down It detects the active monitor and...
extension kde kwin linux plasma plasma-5 shortcut unix xran
Nov 26 2018


Plasma Window Decorations by caig
By request based on my [URL=]OpenMandriva Lx 2014[/URL] window decoration (KWin Aurorae). Widget style: [URL=]IaOra[/URL] (Qt5) seo: glass transparent transparency
kde kwin linux plasma theme unix
Oct 21 2017