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Kwin Scripts by diVinae
This script add option to set Parachute( as Plasma Screen Edge action.
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Apr 04 2020

Swap/Add/Remove - Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

Kwin Scripts by dedean16
Adds keyboard shortcuts to KWin that swap the windows of the current virtual desktop with those of the next/previous/upper/lower desktop, or add/remove a desktop at the current position. When swapping to the 0th/last+1 desktop, a new desktop will be added to make the swap possible. When removing...
linux scripts kde kwin unix desktops
Dec 01 2019

Mini Display Manager

Kwin Scripts by snewmark
# mini-display-kwin Manage a mini display using a kwin script. Easily send windows to a mini display and back again. ### Workflow: 1. Configure the kwin script with your mini display's resolution and position, and return position 2. Make the window smaller then the mini display 3. Move...
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Feb 03 2018