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Windows Classic

Plasma Color Schemes by stanton731
Windows 98/2000 Classic color scheme based on Reactionary (Standard colors). Copy Windows_Classic.colors to ~/.local/share/color-schemes/
linux kde plasma retro theme unix windows 2000 98 colorscheme
Feb 22 2021

Reactionary Storm VGA

Plasma Color Schemes by feren-os-team
A port of the Storm (VGA) Classic variant to Reactionary. Based on the Windows Classic port for Reactionary at
unix windows theme linux storm plasma retro kde 2000 98 colorscheme
Feb 23 2021

QTStep Traditional

Plasma Window Decorations by abgr
, and i included the 'source' version, which contains a script to generate new variants based on a KDE color scheme
windowmaker unix theme nextstep openstep kde linux retro plasma gnustep
Nov 04 2018