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pannxe's Oceanic Next

Plasma Color Schemes by pannxe
Color scheme based on Oceanic Next Originally made for my personal desktop. I think it would be rather nice to share it with the world. Original :
next oceanic linux unix theme kde plasma colorscheme
Dec 20 2021

Super Dark color schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
There is two color schemes. Super Dark and Super Darker Icons in the screenshots are the Korla icons found here: The GTK themes are here and they have been fixed in case you tried them and they were not to your liking.
unix theme kde linux kdeplasma plasma colorscheme
May 19 2019

Fettosh`s Tears

Plasma Color Schemes by murat-cileli
Light brown color scheme.
colorscheme brown kde plasma linux kde5 theme unix
Aug 12 2018

Breeze Dark Orange

Plasma Color Schemes by krisso
A simple KDE Plasma color scheme based on Breeze Dark.
kde linux scheme plasma color colorscheme breeze theme unix
Oct 08 2018