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Vietnam Three Men

KDE 4 Splashscreens by Chey
Another Ksplash screen in the Vietnam series, honoring Vietnam Vets. Hopefully this set will not be deleted by those who shove their views in our faces.
kde plasma-4 plasma linux splashscreen theme unix
Jan 27 2015
2. for realtime colsh

Plasma Color Schemes by Blackcrack
:// best regards Blacky
colorscheme unix theme plasma linux kde
Aug 20 2013


Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by falco101
This theme is now completely finished! A nice clean and vibrant style mixture of kore, crystal, vista, and personal genius. Hope you all enjoy this theme. ----------------------------------------- Required: 1280x1024 resolution deKorator moodin Domino KBFX crystal project icon set
unix theme linux kde
Apr 11 2008

Oxygen OSX

Plasma Color Schemes by sead
The most Mac OS X-like color scheme as possible with some unconsistences but my most great job :) but good for Mac users
unix theme plasma linux kde colorscheme
Oct 06 2011

Icon Tasks deb build

Plasma 4 Extensions by N00bun2
, Docky) but I've been disappointed with the lack of good docks for KDE. I've tried Daisy Plasmoid which
widget unix extension kde linux plasma-4 plasma
Nov 13 2011