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Nautilus Annotations

Nautilus Scripts by fractal
Annotate files and directories easily with this extension for Nautilus. Long time ago GNOME Files
metadata nautilus gnome notes files addon
May 01 2021

Nautilus Launch

Nautilus Scripts by fractal
A simple Nautilus extension that allows to run executables and launchers via right-click menu. Just install the extension, restart Nautilus and right-click on a launcher or an executable. Launchers need to be valid in order to show the “Launch” menu item.
launcher executable files addon
Apr 25 2021

Nautilus Bluetooth

Nautilus Scripts by fractal
A simple Nautilus extension that adds a "Send via Bluetooth" entry to Nautilus' right-click menu
bluetooth files nautilus addon
Apr 25 2021

Nautilus Hide

Nautilus Scripts by fractal
Hide does not add a leading dot to file names, but relies on Nautilus' ability to hide the files
dotfiles hidden files folders nautilus addon
Apr 25 2021


Dolphin Service Menus by Jamesjon
AnonymousFiles te permite subir archivos a internet, envía archivos desde el botón secundario del
addon anonymous upload archivos subir files
Oct 13 2019

Open file manager as root [krusader]

Dolphin Service Menus by risu
Service menu for opening krusader with root privileges. Krusader is additional KDE file manager (Total Commander replacement). Working well together with dolphin. Krusader is available in the package manager (for example Discover). Safe and compatible with KDE software. Please rate...
root sudo manager files menu addon
Sep 09 2019

Search Here [MATE Search Tool]

Dolphin Service Menus by risu
service - ability to search inside files - icons previews - actions on each files - many more
search tool mate files folders addon
Sep 08 2019

KDE 5 Service Menu Touch File

Dolphin Service Menus by SeaEagle
directories will not change the times of files or directories contained within them.
dolphin touch files mtime addon
Feb 18 2019


Utilities by Pabloandumundu
Tag folders and files (including multimedia) by dragging the tags on them, you can create tags
app software tagging folders files label multimedia
Jun 24 2019