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macOS Dynamic Wallpaper

Wallpapers OSX/Apple by alexsilv
(My first post I hope I have put all the information) Dynamic wallpaper for Linux using plugin
apple artwork bigur dynamic osx wallpaper
Jun 05 2022

XML Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by fusionfuture
This plugin is deprecated and the feature will be available in Plasma 5.26! To install this plugin you can use the pre-built package or build it yourself, see on GitHub. An image/slideshow wallpaper plugin for...
dark dynamic gnome slideshow transition
May 07 2022

Linux Dynamic Wallpapers

Wallpapers Gnome by saint-13
Dynamic wallpapers like MacOS for Linux More Info on my github page:
artwork dynamic gnome wallpaper
Mar 23 2022

Solar Cycle Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by eduardoforca
://, then unpack the .heic file and organize the folder accordingly.
daylight dynamic extension kde linux plasma plasma5 solar unix wallpaper wallpaper-plugin
Dec 19 2021

abstract dynamic effects pattern artwork electronic

Abstract by fleble
size 1920 x 1080
abstract artwork dynamic effects pattern wallpaper
Sep 02 2021

Mac OS Monterey Dynamic Wallpaper

Abstract by qawsedrftgzh
A Dynamic wallpaper for Kde with the Monterey wallpapers in macOS in it. See
abstract artwork dynamic macos macos12 monterey wallpaper
Jun 30 2021

Cube lines live Shader Wallpaper for Gnome

Wallpapers Gnome by S48GS
In this download: 1. Two cube_lines.png wallpaper in 4k resolution. 2. script for Python App 3. Gnome shell 3 extension ---------------How to Python APP:--------------- Required: python3 and PyOpenGL and numpy > sudo pip3 install PyOpenGL numpy Open terminal and...
artofcode artwork dynamic gnome live shader wallpaper
Apr 20 2021

Cube lines live Shader Wallpaper for KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by S48GS
In this download: 1. Two cube_lines.png wallpaper in 4k resolution. 2. Cube_Lines.frag file with shader code for Plasma - Shader Wallpaper plugin How To Instruction: Follow instruction on and install KDE Plasma - Shader Wallpaper...
artofcode artwork dynamic kde live plasma shader wallpaper
Apr 20 2021

Banksy Wall

Abstract by tithos
A dynamic Banksy inspired wallpaper for Linux Thank You
abstract artwork dynamic graffiti wallpaper
Oct 09 2020

Kyzenred SDDM Theme

SDDM Login Themes by oracleforms11g
A full KDE theme based on gamer aesthetics and modern minimalism (SDDM greeter component) ## Installation ## Just put this repository in `/usr/share/sddm/theme`. For the theme to work correctly you'll also need to fetch every other Kyzenred components. In order to let SDDM use your...
dynamic gamer kde linux red ryzen unix
Sep 19 2020