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WinTux GRUB Background [Dual Boot]

GRUB Themes by ABOhiccups
WinTux GRUB Background for Dual Boot with Linux and Windows.
background dual-boot burg bootscreen grub linux splashscreen wintux wallpaper unix
Mar 26 2021

Urko Mint Dark GFX Boot

GRUB Themes by Urko31
A Grub GFXmenu theme for small display (like my EEE-PC) based on Standby by Llewelyn Trahaearn with resources by vinceliuice. If you want to customize your Grub with a nice dark theme that fits with old laptops with low resolution (800x600 or more) then this one is for you. The design is...
burg dark-theme bootscreen background grub theme unix splashscreen linux linux-mint
May 07 2018