Darkine theme for Firefox Quantum [WebExtension] 2.0

Firefox Extensions by Rokin
Firefox Quantum theme based on KDE Darkine colors.The theme (signed) is available at at addons.mozilla.org. (recommended).
5 .0
May 13 2019

Arch Linux Firefox startpage 2

Firefox Extensions by inkpad
Firefox startpage based on Drakfire http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Drakfire+Black?content=135009English startpage. All I did was make the "AUR" & "Archwiki" logos and changed the script to search the respective sites.
7 .2
Dec 11 2010

tango context menu (firefox)

Firefox Extensions by nopassenger
this is a tango theme for the cutemenus2 extension for firefox.plop this in the extension folder (in ~/.mozilla)baisically an edit & re-name of the default theme.
5 .0
Feb 11 2008