BADO 1.0

GMusicbrowser Layouts by Spekta321
sample layout
5 .0
Aug 10 2019

sincauto layout gmusicbrowser 0.12

GMusicbrowser Layouts by zayronXIO
sincauto is a layout for gmusicbrowser, simple and minimalist,only available in .deb package
5 .0
Dec 09 2018

Platinum Icon set for GMusicbrowser 1.0

GMusicbrowser Layouts by JustPerfection
Install1. Copy folders to the /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/pix/2. Replace /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/pix/smallclosetab.png with platinum/smallclosetab.pngLicenceYou are allowed to publish the icons (even for commercial use) and modify it.
5 .0
Feb 10 2018

Victory Slim GMusicBrowser Theme 0.1

GMusicbrowser Layouts by newhoa
This is a gmusicbrowser layout I've been playing with, it allows you to toggle any combination of four panels. Song List, Directory List, Tabs (Playlists, Albums, Artists, etc), and Queue. You can also toggle the Menubar and Statusbar for a really minimal appearance. The Simplyer layout here on...
5 .0
Sep 06 2017

Simplyer layout for Gmusicbrowser

GMusicbrowser Layouts by CruelAngel
A very simple layout for gmusicbrowser inspired by Decibel 2 and the KISS philosophy.Usage: Put it in ~/.config/gmusicplayer/layouts
6 .3
Jul 13 2017

gmusicbrowser layout iTunes++ 0.0.1

GMusicbrowser Layouts by abo
place in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts
5 .0
Dec 11 2009

elementary gericom gmusicbrowser 2.1.0

GMusicbrowser Layouts by HATRED
elementary icon theme & gericom layout for gmusicbrowserextract the content into the folder ~/.config/gmusicbrowserand if you are asked reply with merge to the questionthen go to settings and from the layouts tab select:gericom for player window layoutand elementary for icon themeif some...
5 .0
Apr 19 2009