4CLIX 10 Gnome Flashback NV/EFI 4CLIX-10.6.04.gnome-fb.nv.efi.amd64.iso

Distros by fenario
4CLIX-10 Gnome Flash-Back NV/EFIISO size = 3.5 GBThis version is made fore newer computerswith nvidia graphics card and UEFI BIOSIt is a continuation of 4CLIX-10.6.02Refer to previous changelogs from that versionIs based on Debian Gnome 10.6 and very much like 4CLIX-9.16The idea is to presents...
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1 day ago

4CLIX-20 Gnome Flashback 4CLIX-20.04.10

Distros by fenario
4CLIX-20 Gnome Flash-Back Dual Language: English and German Is based on Ubuntu Gnome 20.04.1 and very much like 4CLIX-9 and 4CLIX-10 The idea is to present the old looks of Gnome with the panel etc.. and have the gnome fall-back (flashback) session preconfigured Most apps are streamlined to...
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Oct 09 2020

4CLIX-10 Gnome-FlashBack 4CLIX-10.6.02-gnome-fb.amd64

Distros by fenario
Is based on Debian Gnome 10.6The idea is to present the old looks of Gnome with the panel etc.and have the gnome fallback session preconfiguredMost apps are streamlined to follow the looks of a dark theme with dark purple bg and orange textOther themes are available, use TweaksSoftware has been...
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Oct 09 2020

EQuilibrium IV 4.0

Distros by eQuilibrium
This is the fourth official edition of this distribution. EQuilibrium IV gives different approach in regard to the previous edition and new surrounding of EQexperience3. The characteristics are:EQexperience3Kernel 5.4Plasma 5.18.5 LTSKDEf 5.68KDE app 19.12There is also long time support till...
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Sep 27 2020

Pardus-Custom 19.3 with KDE Plasma

Distros by efeyaryukey
A customised Pardus Iso for the people who want to use Pardus with KDE and 5.x kernel version.It's an unofficial project.https://pardus-kisisel.sourceforge.io
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Sep 24 2020

USE Ubuntu mod T

Distros by blue-dxca93
An Ubuntu Custom mod, live only system tgat fits on a cd.
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Aug 13 2020

4CLIX Olive Wine Gnome-Flashback 4CLIX-G.

Distros by fenario
4CLIX 9.16 Gnome-Flashback Olive Wine is based on Ubuntu-Gnome 16.04.6 LTSISO size = 3.5 GB, which expands to ~10 GB when installed on a HDD and is for 64 bit systemThis iso is available from the first link below in the files sectionLink for the latest ISO; version...
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Nov 11 2019

Mageia 7.1

Distros by Zecas
A great Linux distribution translated in more than 100 languages.- Live media allows to install software without disk install, in the limit of system RAM space.- Lots of packages including several Desktops and a lot of games- Graphical Configuration Tools are desktop independent...
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Aug 12 2019

dracos linux v4 LFS based os 4.0

Distros by purnomoshinigami
LFS based os for pentest with file manager DE = DWM
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Jul 09 2019

Android x86_64 8.1 for Microg 8.1

Distros by paju
Android x86 8.1 for microG, without propiertary google apis and apps, replaced with the free software implementation of google services Microg and with F-droid store.Compiled by me from official android x86 source code plus signature spoofing path.
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May 02 2019