Mageia 7.1

Distros by Zecas
A great Linux distribution translated in more than 100 languages. - Live media allows to install software without disk install, in the limit of system RAM space. - Lots of packages including several Desktops and a lot of games - Graphical Configuration Tools are desktop independent...
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Aug 12 2019

4CLIX Olive Wine Gnome-Flashback 4CLIX-G.9.16.02

Distros by fenario
4CLIX 9.16 Gnome-Flashback Olive Wine is based on Ubuntu-Gnome 16.04.6 LTS ISO size = 3.5 GB, which expands to ~10 GB when installed on a HDD and is for 64 bit system This iso is available from the first link below in the files section Link for the latest ISO; version...
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Jul 16 2019

dracos linux v4 LFS based os 4.0

Distros by purnomoshinigami
LFS based os for pentest with file manager DE = DWM
Score 50.0%
Jul 09 2019

Android x86_64 8.1 for Microg 8.1

Distros by paju
Android x86 8.1 for microG, without propiertary google apis and apps, replaced with the free software implementation of google services Microg and with F-droid store. Compiled by me from official android x86 source code plus signature spoofing path.
Score 50.0%
May 02 2019

EQuilibrium Level Three New Experience2

Distros by eQuilibrium
The beauty of EQuilibrium is in its simplicity and easy use. It is designed mainly for laptops and users who are on Internet 24/7. First of all we must say that EQuilibrium is the distribution (operating system) that works with online services (like ChromeOS) and gives its maximum at this...
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Score 58.0%
Feb 03 2019

AmigaBuntu 18.10

Distros by Tweak
AmigaBuntu is basically just Kubuntu 18.10 customized to look similar to an Amiga with a modern twist and still being linux. Any support would be provided by Kubuntu, Kubuntu forums and IRC. At this time, AmigaBuntu is offered only in 64 bit architecture. 20GB is required for install, but can...
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Nov 26 2018

Newera Linux *Beta-11-18

Distros by newera
Newera Linux is a new desktop operating system to be released in 2020. Neweralinux is currently being fully tested and fine tuned as well as updated and hardened at October 2018. More information is available on the product website @ https://NeweraLinux.com Any comments are welcome and I am...
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Nov 12 2018

Diamond Linux GrandMaster Gen5, GrandMaster Gen4, Master Gen4,

Distros by Diamond
Diamond Linux based on Debian + KDE •Windows style Linux OS •Operating System in 10 minutes •System updates by user request •Linux without special knowledge or skills •Free Operating System for home and office use •Software & Drivers easy Installation wizard [ Ati, Nvidia,...
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Jul 24 2018

FacileXUbu-FluxBox-Desktop 03 final release

Distros by facilelinux
The custom distribution is modified according to the window manager and adapted for the majority of PC users who have little domesticity with Linux. Easy, as complete as possible to satisfy a large majority of users, preconfigured, with the use of optimized RAM, suitable for those who have never...
Score 50.0%
Jun 26 2018

Newera Linux 1.8

Distros by newera
refer to > Newera Linux *Beta-11-18 > https://www.opendesktop.org/p/1274267/
Score 43.3%
Dec 13 2017