cmus theme for flurry animated wallpaper

Tutorials and Scripts by lisabonne_citadel
install cmus to launch in terminal type cmus 5 to select folder a to add individual song or music folder to library 2 to view library 7 to view help extract the .theme file archive and copy with root access or with as administrator to /usr/share/cmus in cmus type : type colorscheme cyan you...
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Apr 27 2017

Running screensaver as animated wallpaper

Tutorials and Scripts by lisabonne_citadel
Is possible as many already know... for those who never try, give a shot and download xwinwrap here: https://www.linux-apps.com/p/1175605/ the explanation is on the end of the description
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Apr 24 2017

How Launch Firefox in Private Mode

Tutorials and Scripts by lisabonne_citadel
its very simple :)
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Apr 08 2017

Improved Layout and Icons for RECOLL

Tutorials and Scripts by stalin2000
Copy icon set / png images into this folder: /usr/share/recoll/images Then go to Settings -> GUI Settings -> Result list tab -> "Edit Format String for Results paragraph" and paste the following source code there, which you can find in the readme.txt file that comes with this download.
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Nov 16 2016

How to use fdisk

Tutorials and Scripts by ynroot
delete, create partition,... on your hd, usb
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Sep 09 2015

Cooler recycling: old fans for fresh air

Tutorials and Scripts by ChEnders
There are many publications about recycling of used computer parts. Some also report the manufacture of table fans CPU fans or power supply fans. And there are many ways to build a recycling table fan. Here is my way to produce a unique table fan: (Replica at own risk, no warranty and no claims...
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Aug 26 2015

bespin SVN script 0.4

Tutorials and Scripts by Num83rGuy
This is a bash script that grabs the latest SVN of bespin, compiles, then installs it system wide. You should run the script from your home folder. The script calls sudo so if your distro uses something else you may need to modify the script. ( Leave a comment with the changes you made and...
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Mar 28 2009

How To Make a Fully Customized Live KDE

Tutorials and Scripts by technoshaun
These are text files for making a complete customized Kubuntu based Live CD/DVD. The How To File is in odt format (OpenOffice and KOffice should have no problems opening it. It was made using OprnOffice.) The is the first release of this info so let me know
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Jun 07 2008