Qt Grid View 0.4

Qt Widgets by krumplee
This is the very first version of my custom header+table view and a custom model where spanning of columns and rows can be specified. These are not really a hierarchical views. You can freely span rows and columns. I am using these views in my project to display items in a compact way. When...
Score 58.0%
Oct 24 2011

QRecentFilesMenu 1.1.0

Qt Widgets by mojo2000
The QRecentFilesMenu class provides a recent files menu widget for use in menu bars, context menus, and other popup menus. Use QRecentFilesMenu::addRecentFile() to insert a recent file into the menu. QRecentFilesMenu provides the signal recentFileTriggered to notifed whenever a recent file has...
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Score 63.3%
Oct 20 2011

QProgressIndicator 1.0.2

Qt Widgets by mojo2000
The QProgressIndicator class lets an application display a progress indicator to show that a lengthy task is under way. Will work at any size. Depends on Qt 4.4.x. The source code is hosted on Github. https://github.com/mojocorp/QProgressIndicator
Score 67.1%
Oct 20 2011

QtCheckHeaderView 0.1

Qt Widgets by asvil
Check box in header view for selecting all items in section (Qt::CheckRole)
Score 63.3%
Aug 01 2011

ScreenWidget 1.0

Qt Widgets by claus001
Lets you select a position on screen. Very nice select and perspective look.
Score 50.0%
Jun 07 2011

ChartXY 0.8

Qt Widgets by torsen
ChartXY is an widget that displays a XY graphic linked to an model. Minimum required version: qt 4.7.0
Score 70.0%
May 10 2011

QSint Charts 0.1.1

Qt Widgets by sintegrial
BarChartPlotter is a simple Bar Chart plotting widget. This is a technical preview only - BarChartPlotter will be included into QSint::Charts library. BarChartPlotter provides easy-to-use API and performs fast "native" painting (directly via QPainter). Currently it allows to draw Bar Charts of...
Score 58.0%
Mar 24 2011

iisTaskPanel 0.2.2

Qt Widgets by ii-system
*** IMPORTANT ***iisTaskPanel is now a part of QSint library - see ActionPanel widgets at http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/QSint+Widgets+Library?content=137786 iisTaskPanel is Qt widget like to Windows XP panel for common tasks of a folder. iisTaskPanel provides: - sliding effect when...
Score 63.3%
Mar 14 2011

HierarchicalHeaderView 1.3.3

Qt Widgets by Barmaglodd
Hierarchical header view for QTableView. Header data is described by QAbstractItemModel. Text in cells of header can be rotated.
Score 70.0%
Feb 10 2011

Native Quick Widgets 0.1

Qt Widgets by djworld
Native Quick Widgets is a QML extension written in C++ as well as a set of QML items based on it. By using them, you can have QML items that have the same look as the native widgets of the platform your application runs in. Thus your users won't be able to notice whether they are real widgets or...
Score 58.0%
Jan 07 2011