Smuxi IRC 0.8.11

Chat & Messenging by meebey
Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users, targeting the GNOME desktop. Smuxi is based on the client-server model: The core application (engine) can be placed onto a server which is connected to the Internet around-the-clock; one or...
Score 67.1%
Jul 25 2013

Simple Chat 2.0.3

Chat & Messenging by IMPOMEZIA
Simple Chat is a simple and powerful cross-platform client-server chat for local networks and the Internet.
Score 65.6%
Mar 15 2013

Pino 0.2.10

Chat & Messenging by troorl13
Pino is Twitter and Identi.ca client for Linux desktop. It's simple and fast. Pino is written in Vala language and compiled to the native binary code. More information on http://pino-app.appspot.com/
Score 50.0%
Mar 04 2013

kopete-history-merger 0.1

Chat & Messenging by iamazat
If you use kopete and home and at work, this application you can found useful. It can merge two folders of kopete history to one. Interface more for developers, not for users, I didn't have enough time to finish it. But if you do this, I would love to accept your patches.
Score 58.0%
Feb 24 2013

Improved Kopete History Plugin 0.1

Chat & Messenging by cyberbeat
Much of the code from the original history plugin is used, but this version uses sqlite as history storage backend, and also improves import. I think it is possible to use both plugins in parallel. You find opensuse-packages here: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/cyberbeat
Score 50.0%
Jan 05 2013

Greeting Card Maker

Chat & Messenging by genbrcd
Revolutionary Greeting Card Maker software provides an easy and best way to design beautiful greeting cards for close friends, relative or special ones. Greeting card generator program is customized with advance multi-color, photos, templates, images, clipart, graphics or text messages. Design...
Score 43.3%
Sep 12 2012

SMS Software

Chat & Messenging by drpusmssw
Company www.drpusms.com design and develop SMS Software to broadcast group of commercial- personal text messages, product advertisement detail, invitations, plans and special offers, price updating details, share market information, recruitment notifications, warm greetings from user...
Score 50.0%
Aug 18 2012

QmbChat - Qt/Qml Chat 0.4

Chat & Messenging by MBex
QmbChat is a small Chat-Client/Server I wrote due to a shool project. Our teacher told us how to write network applications using the QtNetwork module. Additionally we should use a text based protocol to communicate with the server/client. To not become bored, i used this project to learn a...
Score 53.3%
Jul 09 2012

Billing Software

Chat & Messenging by bbi4gsft123
www.bestbillingsoftware.org offers best Billing Software to record transaction history, product information and financial reports of company in an effective manner. Expert accounting software saves new user entry as well as minimizes business marketing complexity in real time. Cost-effective...
Score 50.0%
Jun 25 2012

Veemzy 0.2.5

Chat & Messenging by twstd
Short brief - Veemzy is an instant messenger ( ICQ, facebook ) for windows system. Note: use your facebook nickname to login, not your registered email!Description Veemzy is a social communication application, it starts it's way as an instant messenger and going to be extended with everyday...
Score 50.0%
Jun 10 2012