gtalX 0.0.4

Chat & Messenging by bjdodo
Gtalk client that works on Linux, it supports voice and text based chat. It is not packaged for any particular distro, but if you are lucky enough, running a script will get it built. We test and use it on KUbuntu, Zenwalk and Slackware. Some people reported that it works on Fedora, Mandriva and...
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Nov 11 2009

Qwit 0.10

Chat & Messenging by arti-kz
Qwit-0.10 is the bugfix release. Hopefully, it is a last release in 0.x branch. Those who still use it, please, switch to 1.0 branch: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Qwit?content=110840 Qwit is a simple Qt4-based client for Twitter (http://code.google.com/p/qwit/). This project started with...
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Nov 07 2009

Qwit 1.0-beta

Chat & Messenging by arti-kz
Qwit-1.0-beta is here! Want to follow an interesting person but do not understand language he speaks? Now you can read and post twits in different languages! Want to manage friends from client? Now you can! This project was started with the purpose of studying Qt4 programming. It could be...
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Nov 07 2009

OpenC6 0.9.9

Chat & Messenging by openc6
OpenC6 is a free Linux instant messaging client which allows the connection to the italian popular C6 chat. Starting form 0.9.8 OpenC6 has new look & feel, socks v4-v5 support, tabbed chat, file transfer, and many others new features including an improved Mac OSX compatibility.
Score 46.0%
Nov 06 2009

qutIM 0.2.0

Chat & Messenging by EuroElessar
Crossplatform multiprotocol cute plugin-based instant messenger
Score 64.4%
Nov 02 2009

Kopete Contact Album plugin 0.1

Chat & Messenging by jerous
This plugin stores all a contact's picture / avatar into a folder. A viewer is included for inspecting the albums.
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Oct 27 2009

Pidgin SVN + Plus! Repository

Chat & Messenging by MastroPino
Ladies and Gentlemen I am pleased to present the only online repository that allows us to have Pidgin SVN with support for colored nicks and several plugins. Thanks to great work from frasten we can integrate into the pigeon's new features, such as: [li]Plus![/li]...
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Sep 09 2009

qt3alk 0.3

Chat & Messenging by vinnitu
clone of google talk I know - qt3 is too old, but it is question of princip. After qt3 will qt4. I hope.
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Jun 01 2009

kopcat 0.2.2

Chat & Messenging by Rettich
This small Python script is inspired by netcat. But instead of sending files (and data) directly over the network, this script uses Kopete (and DBus) for sending. Just make sure you have Python (and the python-dbus packege of your distribution) installed and have fun with the...
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May 27 2009


Chat & Messenging by ubuntuwin2
This is a XCHAT plugin , made in Python. Add download dcc list and bookmarks to xchat. With this plugin you can resume DCC after a shutdown and connect to irc server with a click. The author decline responsability for the use of the plugin
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Apr 28 2009