Windows Wall 0.1

Kwin Switching Layouts by Hookahey
Displays a grid like wall of the present windows with close buttons. In addition to the switch window shortcuts it can be navigated using the arrow keys or mouse.Started out by fixing a bug concerning the mouse behavior in "present windows clone"...
6 .6
Feb 06 2013

Present Windows Clone 1.0

Kwin Switching Layouts by mgraesslin
A Window Switching layout which mimics more closely the Present Windows effect.This includes:Selecting Windows by mouse overClose Windows ButtonMakes use of full screenShows Background
6 .8
Oct 22 2012

present window clone with a background 0.1

Kwin Switching Layouts by herrbatka
it's nothing more then a present window clone done by martin, but with a background.enjoy!
5 .0
Nov 10 2012

Informative with thumbnail 0.1

Kwin Switching Layouts by gregopet
This is an enhanced clone of the Informative window switcher that comes with KDE.It adds a thumbnail of the window that will be selected if you release Alt+Tab. Tasks can be selected by hovering over them with the mouse.
5 .8
Nov 29 2012

Scaling Switcher 1.0

Kwin Switching Layouts by aheinecke
This window switcher aims to show all open windows in one line. To archive this the information shown for a window is gradually reduced as more windows are opened until only an icon is shown to represent a window.For installation either do "plasmapkg -t windowswitcher -i filename" or go to...
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7 .2
May 15 2013

Black Icons 1.00

Kwin Switching Layouts by vityafx
Black Icons is a fork of original Large Icons kwin window switcher. I have restyled it to fit my needs.
5 .9
Jun 22 2014

Thumbnail Grid 5

Kwin Switching Layouts by Zren
Thumbnail + Icon + Caption + Close ButtonThere are a few other skins like this, but they don't work in KDE 5.5 (Kubuntu 16.04) or later.Note: If you tried an older broken KWin switcher, KWin won't use a skin until it's restarted (logout+login). Even the working skins (like this one) won't work.
7 .8
Apr 18 2019

Preview Reel 0.1

Kwin Switching Layouts by hilmy
A simple task switcher that shows only one window preview at a time.
6 .2
Nov 14 2016

Preview Stack 0.2

Kwin Switching Layouts by hilmy
Functional window switching layout. A large window preview is displayed for the top window in the stack, while other windows titles are shown above the top window. Windows can be cycled through using the normal key shortcut or by scrolling the mouse wheel. Also clicking a title activates the...
5 .8
Jan 13 2017

MediumRoundedDark 0.3

Kwin Switching Layouts by adhe
Windows Switcher rounded with a perfect size of icons :)# Installation:Download, extract and place the content in ~/.local/share/kwin/tabbox/or by system configurations [ SystemSettings > WindowManagement > TaskSwitcher > Get New Task Switcher. ]
6 .0
Sep 12 2019