add one/multiple files or directory to amarok 1.01

Dolphin Service Menus by doctorb
improved version of madpenguin8's (http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=11421) servicemenu. i just added support for more then one selected file.INSTALL: - just run install.shor- copy amarok_append.desktop to /usr/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus (servicemenu available for ALL...
Nov 20 2005

webImageTool 0.1

Dolphin Service Menus by CaCO3
Extracts height and width from an image and builds the html tag from it.This is usefull for webdesigners.Example:Copy Image dimension => height="768" width="1024"Copy HTML-TAG => img src="PATH TO FILENAME/FILENAME" border="0" alt="FILENAME">
Aug 08 2006

Fedora Package Menu 0.1

Dolphin Service Menus by liviopl
Fedora Package Menu for easy installation of downloaded RPMs.Requires sudo and good configuration of sudo ;).
Sep 19 2006

Zen explorer desktop entry .001

Dolphin Service Menus by sikofitt
Adds a service menu with the option to send a music file to your Creative zen jukebox. i've only tested it with Zen V Plus 2 gig, but it uses libmtp to send the file. not too exciting, i wrote it in less than a minute.
Dec 30 2006

seom2xvid(to convert captures of beryl) 0.1b

Dolphin Service Menus by loumalouomega
This a adaptation of the service menu "video2ipod", but to convert the captures of beryl in xvid.You need have the mencoder and the file type "*.seom" in your kde file type list, in the video area list, like you can see in the first screenshot.To install copy in the ...
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Jan 04 2007

Edit with gvim - with GVIM serverlist 20070526

Dolphin Service Menus by Beandaddy
EDIT 20070526:There's now a pure bash edition that doesn't require a Ruby interpreter. Cheers James!"Edit with gvim" context menu in Konqueror. Has support for gvim's serverlist. This lets you open a file into any already running gvim instance.This is something I saw in Windows Explorer when I...
Mar 06 2007

Email Files Thunderbird - Add Details 1.0

Dolphin Service Menus by G0NZO
A very simple service menu script, to email one or more files with Thunderbird to any address or to a given address, which i assume is used as a "backup" space.The subject is automatically updated according to the attached files and, in case you choose to send to your specific email address,...
May 12 2007

amuleKollection for KDE4 0.4

Dolphin Service Menus by ramiel
This Service menu let you to extract ed2k link from "emulecollection" files printing them in a window before sending it to aMuleThis is KDE4 of amuleKollection which you can find on this pages for KDE 3.xhttp://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/aMule+kollection?content=66881Due to strange thinks...
Feb 20 2008

scale images 1.0

Dolphin Service Menus by panzi
With this script you can scale all jpg images of a directory to 30%, 40%, 50% or 60% with 70% quality. The scaled files will be put in a new subdirectory called "skaliert".This script lacks proper localisation because I mainly made it for my mother. Most of the strings are german only.This...
Apr 28 2008

download video with clive 1.0

Dolphin Service Menus by mkoller
A simple servicemenu made for my daughter to let her download any videostream from e.g. youtube by right-clicking from within konqueror.The downloaded file is placed onto her Desktop, from which she can move it to where she likes.Needs the tool clivehttp://home.gna.org/clive/
Aug 04 2008