Buuf Plasma 1.7

Icon Themes by phob1an
Buuf is artwork originally drawn by mattahan [https://mattahan.tumblr.com/] and modified by Shirakawasuna [https://www.deviantart.com/shirakawasuna]. I am re-working it for Plasma 5. You can help by letting me know which icons are missing or look fuzzy.
Score 78.2%
Sep 11 2019

Shiny buttons 1.7

Icon Themes by ZMA
Shiny buttons. Modification Icon theme Square by EepSetiawan. In this theme there are also icons and others, they are listed in the index. There are all icons for programs from the repositories Debian 9-10, Debian Sid, Atrix, AntiX, MX Linux, Deepin, Solus, Antergos, Ubuntu...
Score 76.0%
Sep 11 2019

Epsilon Icons 0.37

Icon Themes by assmarqandi
it's just a simple icon theme for a modern desktop. flat-style icon theme with a simple gradient effect, make it's look more fun but still great for light theme. I hope you guys like it. leave a comment for any icon request. follow my instagram @eps_yl_on for my another project installation...
Score 83.0%
Sep 09 2019

Aurora Nuevo Icons 3.34

Icon Themes by bolimage
Pastel Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Violet folders icon themes. Regular color version here : https://www.pling.com/p/1218961/Installation : Extract Archive File to ~/.icons or /usr/share/icons Partially based on Breeze icon theme.
Score 74.0%
Plings: 1
Sep 09 2019

Super flat remix

Icon Themes by creater
Based on Oranchelo is a flat-design icon theme .... In remix version * Added new places icons. * more remake new icons
Score 50.0%
Sep 08 2019

AzenisEX icon set - Azenis - The Preface 1

Icon Themes by aravisian
IMPORTANT NOTE: I have found that in File Manager Thunar, the icons display the wrong sizes and the text is offset. I have only found this in Thunar. I have tested these in Nautilus, PCmanFM, SpaceFM, Nemo and Caja. I am working to resolve this; ...and open to suggestions... A long,long time...
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Score 58.0%
Sep 08 2019

Flat Remix ICON theme 20190908

Icon Themes by daniruiz06
Web Page: drasite.com/flat-remix@dani_ruiz24Themes Flat Remix - main icon theme Flat Remix Dark - for dark interfaces Flat Remix Light - for light interfaces Flat Remix git version (master) - latest version fom github (may not be stable)Folder Variants Blue Folders Green Folders Red Folders...
Score 84.9%
Plings: 4
Sep 08 2019

Mac flat mod

Icon Themes by creater
...Mac flat mod..... GNOME 3.32 COMPATIBLE (Tested only on Fedora 30 beta) GNOME 3.30 COMPATIBLE Based on Papirus icon theme.
Score 63.3%
Sep 08 2019

Simply Circles Icons 20190907

Icon Themes by ju1464
Monochromatic and simple icons with little brush strokes of color. Installation: Extract file and copy/paste as root in /usr/share/icons/Also available.... -SIMPLY CIRCLES GTK/GNOME SHELL THEMES:Simply CirclesSimply Circles BlueSimply Circles CyanSimply Circles GreenSimply Circles OrangeSimply...
Score 83.2%
Sep 07 2019

Candy icons 0.0.7

Icon Themes by eliverlara
Sweet gradient icon theme originally created to fit my Sweet theme If you want you can combine them with any of the options provided in sweet-folders as shown in the second screenshotNote To request for icons please open an issue on github, or if you want to contribute open a pull request
Score 77.9%
Sep 06 2019