kollide Domino

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by falco101
Just the Domino config for the kollide theme. This pretty much wraps this theme up. Time to focus on NuoveXT2 (v2.5)
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Feb 26 2008

Vax-VistaX GDM Theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by vaxxipooh
Vax-VistaX GDM Theme Somewhat cool Vista lookalike - well i know, its like Windoze stuff but i think it will fit in anyway :^) Well i forget to say: res is 1280x1024CREDIT FOR THE ART GOES TO: ~dand2392 at DeviantArt http://dand2392.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Vista-Reflection-78317149Comments,...
Score 46.0%
Feb 26 2008

KDE/GNOME Unified Light Green and Yellow 1

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by deniseweird
These are color themes and other settings I made using Qtcurve and matching everything up to make QT3, Qt4 and GTK2 apps look the same while looking good. I am quite satisfied with the look I got, and I hope you enjoy it too! :D To apply it: * Install QtCurve for GTK2, KDE3 and KDE4. * Choose...
Score 50.0%
Feb 09 2008

Blue Planet 0.5

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by adundovi
This is my first work on kde-look.org. I've wanted to create future look, dark-blue (cold space alike) colours, simple and usable theme. Maybe I've succeeded. ----------------------- specifcation/includes: * Background picture is taken from http://ic3.deviantart.com For those of you with bigger...
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Feb 08 2008

kde4ish theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by siga
it is domino windows decoration with domino widget style and oxygen color theme. i got it all from kdelook. all credits and praise should go to creators of elements i used here . i just put it together for folk who like it easy . wallpaper is from...
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Jan 12 2008

moomex - modefied

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by metak
This is modefied moomex theme from gnome for domino. File contains: -domino configuration -kicker background -desktop (screenshot) font -color scheme +I've added wallpaper and emerald theme from screenshot.
Score 50.0%
Jan 02 2008

The World

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by anshumaxxx
This is a theme with an uber-cool looking world map image. Also visible on the top is the Complete System Monitor which I have embedded in the Theme itself! The color coordination has been done in accordance with the wallpaper.
Score 46.0%
Dec 29 2007

SnowTime for KDE 3.5.8

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by smihael
My winter theme for KDE 3 with KDE4 and LipstikMod inspiration.Theme spec.: background: taken by me near Nova vas, Slovenia with Nikon D40 (will appear soon on kde-look.org) style: polyester windec: Crystal / semi-transparent color scheme: modiefed Lipstik icons: Crystal project kicker...
Score 58.0%
Dec 27 2007


Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by anditosan1000
I tried to put the colors of the Wii with KDE. I think it turned out pretty good and hope you like it. I also included a Kicker Background
Score 50.0%
Nov 27 2007

Kubista: Kubuntu Perfected preview (alpha)

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by falco101
files will be uploaded later. A full revamp of KDE for Kubuntu. All graphics will be re-done from scratch, including icons, menu, background, splash, ect... In the screen shot, everything that is not blured is my own work, done from scratch. The blurred parts are the elements that have not yet...
Score 50.0%
Nov 13 2007