uglypaK for Kopete 0.2

Emoticons by T0b3
The emoticon pack containing the most popular emoticon in Germany - the 'ugly' - is now available for Kopete! I already developed it for the #1 Windows-messenger 'Trillian', but I found enthusiasm for openSuSe, so I decided to make it for the #1 OS as well. I hope you'll find satisfaction with it.
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Jan 13 2007

AIM 6.0 Default Emoticons

Emoticons by john14485
These are the emoticons which are like the standard emoticons which come with AIM 6.0.
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Dec 25 2006

DH Emoticons for Kopete

Emoticons by hasan
I picked smileys from http://forum.donanimhaber.com
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Dec 17 2006

Gaim Crystal Smilie - Smilie Theme 2.4

Emoticons by leiv
If you know the Crystal Theme style... this is the fitting Smilie set.
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Nov 15 2006

Critters emoticon theme 1.0 RC

Emoticons by miloso
Installation: extract the archive to /usr/kde/3.5/share/emoticons directory (or similar, system-wide, root privileges needed, preserve permissions recommended) or home directory (theoretically, i haven't tried it yet) Tip: you can use this theme in Konversation too.. Open the...
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Nov 12 2006
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Oct 18 2006

emoticons ICQ 5.1 for gaim 1

Emoticons by ketonk
emoticons from icq 5.1 for gaim by ketonk special thanks prescott
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Aug 29 2006

emoticons icq5 for gaim 1

Emoticons by ketonk
Emoticons from icq5 for gaim by ketonk
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Aug 29 2006

valknut emoticon pack 0.3.7-2

Emoticons by masterminds
This is a new emoticon pack for valknut from strongdc++. You have just rewrite this file. If you compile your valknut, then search here: "/usr/local/share/valknut/icons/emot/default/". Or if you have this program from package, then: "usr/share/valknut/icons/emot/default/".
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Jul 09 2006

icq5.0 emoticons kopete 1.2

Emoticons by lucky1250
ICQ 5.0 emoticons with orginal shortcuts/combinations! You can change the combination/s for a smilie your self in the emoticons.xml file.
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Jun 25 2006